Tech at Night: Inside the Beltway they blame anyone but government

Tech at Night

All too often it’s the case that government acts, and forces corporations to behave in a certain way, but then we go and blame the corporations instead of the government that’s making them do it.


Naturally the folks inside the beltway reacted this way tonight during the World Series game. Blame anyone but government.

Twitchy did a good job of capturing the anger at Comcast over the civil defense test during the World Series game. But note that these tests are, in fact, a government mandate. Stations receive tests and they act on those tests.

But DC folks blame anyone but themselves. Naturally.

Even as a broad consensus is growing among tech experts and anyone who’s not a left-wing ideologue basically, FCC is stalling on mergers. Stall, stall, stall. It’s the Keystone Pipeline playbook.

FCC could greatly harm competition in streaming video.

This is why we need a strong NSA.

I remember when I used to get told that [mc_name name=’Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’E000215′ ] was a sensible Democrat moderate. They don’t exist. She’s falling hard to the left on regulating the Internet using 1930s phone rules.


FCC “warns” politicians over robocalls. COINCIDENTALLY FCC only has a history of going after Republicans on this. Gee what a surprise.

Under Barack Obama the patent system has gone full cronyist and Google is jumping in head-first.

At least Orrin Hatch wants to control regulation and the trial lawyers Democrats love with respect to patents.

Mike Rogers (the Congressman, not the NSA chief) wants Edward Snowden charged with murder.


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