Tech at Night: The administration's tough talk on the Internet is meaningless

Tech at Night

So the Obama administration for a while has been talking about failing to renew its Commerce Department contract with ICANN, the organization that runs IANA and the fundamentals of the Internet. This would create a power vacuum online, one that would gladly be filled by America’s rivals.


And all the tough talk to the contrary won’t change that.

Penny Pritzker can echo Obama all she wants by saying “Let me be clear about this: The United States will not allow the global Internet to be co-opted by any person, entity or nation seeking to substitute their parochial world view for the collective wisdom of the community,” but if Obama gives up ICANN control, the United States will not have the power to do any such thing.

And that is why it’s wrong for the administration to do this, and the Congress should act to stop it.

FCC make make the rules sane to save Aereo. Interesting, and unexpected.

So Edward Snowden resettled his girlfriend in Russia, heh. I guess he didn’t manage to swing any deals to get into western Europe after all.

Remember when I predicted Amazon would eat Netflix’s lunch on 4k streaming? Sounds like Netflix is worried as the price just went up. I guess they know they’re going to have to invest to deliver the bits. Since Amazon can deliver bits.


So the German establishment is so busy using Snowden as a distraction, they’re ignoring the real threat: Islamic State recruitment.

Surprise: Unions are pushing for more regulation and control.

We may be reaching the peak of the Third Party API, as third party apps are becoming a major PR headache for firms.


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