Tech at Night: Marriott gets off easy for its Denial of Service attacks

Tech at Night

Have to say, sometimes enforcement of things is rather inconsistent in this country.

If you or I (or Aaron Swartz) were caught making unauthorized access to other people’s computer equipment, to engage in a Denial of Service attack, we’d risk criminal charges. Marriott International? Not so much.


A $600,000 fine for engaging in DoS attacks on customers’ network access may sound like a big deal, but when you consider the criminal charges you or I would face, if we did the same to their networks, that’s peanuts.

There was a conspiracy here, and it’s getting off the hook with a big fine. I’m not sure what to think about that, but part of me thinks there’s somebody getting off easy here.

Looks like the theory was right, that Silk Road and other illegal commercial ventures were inflating the value of Bitcoin, because Bitcoin’s been coming down and down and down. That’s only going to get worse I’m sure if Edward Snowden’s beloved Russia start banning it.

Teenagers are spreading nude photos of themselves at an alarming rate.

Apple went ahead and added more fine-grained warnings about app permissions in iOS, and developers are complaining. It’s a fine line to walk. When Microsoft did something similar in Windows Vista, people freaked out.

Wikipedia, having taken a biased stand to cover for Neil deGrasse Tyson, now defends Democrats.

Even as FCC talks Net Neutrality, FCC itself threatens to violate Net Neutrality by regulating different Internet traffic differently.


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