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Over at Ace of Spades HQ, a site a lot of us at RedState like, they have a project called the AOSHQ Decision Desk. The plan is to come up with better and faster election night projections than the big media networks are coming up with. And while they haven’t been perfect, since the project is new and the models are still in development, the AOSHQDD is showing a lot of promise.


But they need help, and that’s where you come in.

Quoth AOSHQ:

The mainstream sites all use AP. They have shiny maps and graphics, but they all use the same source. You could watch them. Refresh their pages. Give them traffic.

Or you can contribute to something new. Independent. Ours.

Our goal has been to have a fully functioning alternative for election night results, and with fits and starts, it is really coming together. We have beaten the Old Guard like a drum to calling the races in Nebraska, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, and South Carolina, and we intend to keep doing so. But we need you.

Without the hard work of volunteers, this project is for naught. With them, we can do great things, and rip open the pudding packs before all the rest.

If you think the work is too hard, by all means, ask some of my volunteers how complicated it actually is. Since I don’t want to reveal my secrets (this is, after all, a thing completely exclusive to Ace of Spades), I can tell you that if you have a reliable internet connection, have some degree of patience, and a heartbeat, you can volunteer, and, as Carol proved on Tuesday, do a damn good job. If you can read a website, punch a number into a spreadsheet (no formula knowledge needed), and do so without being too intoxicated, shoot an email to the AOSHQDD at GMAIL dot COM account, and be part of something big.


So head on over to Ace of Spades, drop them an email, and get on board if you’re interested in this sort of thing.


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