Tech at Night: Net Neutrality, Bitcoin, and the Courts

Tech at Night

So I spent my Tech time tonight writing about Net Neutrality. I suggest reading that. It’s still a bad idea, because it’s founded on premises that aren’t true, and doesn’t address the real issues.


Meanwhile industry’s fighting it out over Net Neutrality 3.0: the return of the revenge. Who are Obama’s picked winners and losers, and are they winning or losing enough? Do they think they can bet more?

Speaking of picking winners and losers, we’ll have to see what comes out of Senate patent negotiations. Last time the Senate worked on this there was a good Republican bill and a bad Democrat bill.

The courts are going to decide two important cases: will Aereo get to innovate, selling their service which is indistinguishable from an antenna and a VCR, just over the Internet. Searching phones is also at issue. So many of these argument seem to boil down to “But we really really really want this to be super private.” You see the same thing with ECPA, this idea being pushed that data should get a special carve out for privacy. I’m not sure I support it, but I’m not going to come out breathing fire against it, really. I guess I’m mostly ambivalent on this.


Bitcoin and crime watch continues with Bitcoin banks being attacked and taken down, whilst a new Tor-Bitcoin network claims they can’t be taken down.

Google is taking an extreme pro-abortion position by declaring any crisis pregnancy service that isn’t abortion-based, to be fraudulent. But go on guys, keep using Gmail, Google Docs, Android, and Chrome! They wont Brendan Eich you. Probably.

We need to amend the Constitution to end all doubt that hacker culture offenses can be punished with flogging. This is a sick culture, now hacking into baby monitors to scream at babies. Who really thinks a person like this shouldn’t be beaten in a public square?


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