Tech at Night: Al Franken the corporatist. NSA isn't the threat to us. Foreign attackers are.

Tech at Night

As the rest of the world attacks us every day, people just keep looking to demonize NSA. And it’s foreign threats we need to worry about, and that link doesn’t even talk about the state-sponsored threats out there.


Troubling news, as Democrats want to apply speech codes online, using a shooting to push for online censorship. Never let a crisis go to waste, so say the progressives.

AT&T may humiliate the FCC by showing up their next spectrum auction if the administration rigs it against them, which is worrying Democrats, as it probably should.

Well, some Democrats see the problem, the apparently-corporatist Al Franken is openly looking to pick winners and losers with Netflix versus Comcast.

Democrats are pushing for phone kill switches. What could go wrong?

This is your reminder that kids don’t belong on the Internet. Seriously, this stuff should scare people.

This kid got himself in serious criminal trouble with his unsupervised Internet activities.

Copyright infringement haven New Zealand is finally capitulating fully to Kim Dotcom, which I guess explains why US firms are now suing him to get all that money back.

Bank failures prove that fiat money is about to collapse. Oh wait, this is a Bitcoin bank failing. Never mind. Right?


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