Tech at Night: Marco Rubio is right on NSA. House Republicans are right on ICANN/UN Internet Control

Tech at Night

Even as Bitcoin crime and deception continue, the government has decided that yup, Bitcoin investors have to pay taxes just like everyone else. The anarchists have deemed taxation to be “unacceptable”. I’m sure the IRS will take that as an answer, right guys? Pass the popcorn.


Even if the Obama administration’s data use is way up, the answer is not to abolish NSA, or start shutting down programs entirely. Marco Rubio is right that it would amount to unilateral disarmament. I wonder if he reads RedState!

I’s funny hearing Senate Democrats talk about how we really need a Patent bill, when they just passed a patent bill not all that long ago, the America Invents Act. We’re cleaning up after that lawyer-friendly law, it seems. But it’s true: patent trolls hinder innovation, and such abuses of the patent system should be curtailed. That’s the Constitutional view of patents.

House Republicans don’t want the UN to run the Internet, so they’re looking to keep ICANN under American control. Good on them.

Innovation is key. Aereo notes that killing them would hurt other innovation, while the empowering, decentralizing development of 3D printing continues. We can’t let big government hinder either.

FCC wants to record more information about your location when your phone is going. for the children of course, via 911 service.


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