Tech at Night: Bitcoin anarchy update. Edward Snowden Treason watch. Net Neutrality's death throes.

Tech at Night

Anarchy update: The black marketeers at Silk Road 2 got robbed for a Bitcoin amount worth over $2 million at current exchange rates. Iran shut down another black market ring, Germany and the Netherlands have joined the global hunt to shut down Silk Road and spinoffs. Keep in mind these online black markets are used for drugs, hired killings, child pornography, human sex trafficking, and anything else you can think of that’s a problem in society. They try to say “Oh it’s just pot,” but it’s not. It never is.


In another bad sign for digital currencies. another prominent digital currency, Dogecoin, is experiencing a major glitch that threatens to disrupt commerce or even take people’s money away from them. Why do people tolerate all the volatility and instability of digital currencies? Easy: it lets them evade the law. That’s it. That’s why these things are going anywhere at all, because they’re a magnet for the scum of the earth.

Senate Democrats want to California your phone with a government-mandated kill switch. What could go wrong?

I’m glad to hear the investigation into Edward Snowden’s crimes continues. We’re rooting out who got conned by the traitor. Even if Rand Paul is a flipping moron who want to let an unrepentant traitor off easy, a traitor who by siding with Russia has become a virulent opponent of liberty and human rights.

I say we pass no NSA reform until Edward Snowden turns himself in and pleads guilty to all charges.

That’s right, even if the Net Neuties aren’t giving up, it sounds like ISPs have freedom of speech, and that possibly could end up being yet another reason the radical power grabs of Net Neutrality are illegal. Maybe that’s why among other good news in the Comcast/Time Warner merger is that Net Neut via the most extreme means is dead forever?


By the way, it turns out FCC may be trying to bully the firms it regulates into remaining silent on dissenting opinions about FCC decisions.

I love it when even the leftists have to admit competition works.

Are Internet trolls dangerous psychopaths?

The fact that copyright is of limited term creates wealth in the long run. It’s time we stopped playing Mickey Mouse games and returned copyright to a reasonable, limited length.


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