Tech at Night: Barack Obama admits the truth about Net Neutrality. Roy Blunt joins with Democrat Blame The Victim Hysteria.

Tech at Night

Barack Obama admitted what we’ve been saying all along: Net Neutrality was an attempt to regulate the Internet. Told you so.

More FCC: Data use continues to go up, and it probably makes sense to remove barriers to investment on expanding our wireless capacity in this country. We still need spectrum, but the build out matters after that spectrum is acquired, as well.


Of course, instead of being sensible the radicals just want to spend more money stupidly.

All this is perfectly good reason to want to gut the FCC by reforming the Communications Act, but again, I just don’t trust the current legislative process to succeed at this in one big bill. When was the last time we had one big bill that worked well? Not in many years. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I’m not optimistic.

Apparently the truth is coming out about Snowden’s ties to Russia all along, and Wikileaks is calling for a “boycott.” So much for their openness attitude, eh? Wikileaks wants openness about anything except the “whistleblowers” themselves, and their motives. Funny that.

Don’t let them regulate 3D printing. 3D Printing is an empowering, egalitarian technology. Just the kind of thing the big government types love to crush. For the children. Becuase icky guns, etc.

So it turns out that FISA requests for data from Google amount to 4 or 5 figures per month, in the number of accounts they touch. Given that there are about a half billion Google accounts in existence, Even 20,000 is a vanishingly tiny proportion. Interesting.

First USPTO let a company trademark the word Candy in video games, and now a firm is trying to own the word Paper in mobile apps. Insane.


What part of “economic sanctions” don’t these people understand? It’s funny how the left for years told us economic sanctions are so great, and the effective alternative to warfare, but now that we’re using them… now they don’t like economic sanctions either. It’s almost like the radicals never argue in good faith, or something. The same as with “civil unions without marriage,” and “legalization without citizenship.”

The Democrats of course are so beholden to Occupy-style anarchists that they continue to blame the victim of cyberattacks. It’s shameful, simply shameful, and Roy Blunt should be ashamed for joining in this big government hysteria. Any crisis to grow government, you know. Missouri Republicans should contact him and tell him to drop support for this criminal-friendly law.


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