Tech at Night: Yes, get your card replaced if you went to Target. Rogers: Snowden commited treason

Tech at Night

So I took Christmas off, but don’t forget: even as Democrats play blame the Victim, you should get your debit card or credit card replaced if you used it at Target recently. The attackers got your PIN even.


The traitor Edward Snowden very interestingly says he won, which seems to mean he thinks it’s himself against we the people. He’s sure not on the side of liberty, when he’s on the side of the child pornography den Tor. And yet, He’s still desperately trying to flee his Russian paymasters. Not even loyal to them.

Bitcoin and crime watch: Stealing other people’s Bitcoins is ‘exhilerating’, and one of the leading Bitcoin gambling sites got hit. They even went after Dogecoin users! I guess the scam artists are getting antsy now that India may join China and the US in targeting Bitcoin. They may also be getting worried that the fall of Bitcoin may be inevitable.

Remember when they used to pretend that jailbreaking iPhones wasn’t all about free stuff? the mask slipped last week.

Imagine how much different the world would be if we’d let government pick winners and losers against the VCR. That’s why we can’t let them kill firms like Uber and Aereo.

How about some non-bitcoin crime? Funny how they claim that NSA totally couldn’t even have broken Tor, yet some are starting to shy away from it. Even the UK government thinks Tor is the best ticket to child pornography, and it using it to view the stuff (to censor it, but still).

Apparently we’re supposed to be sorry that the person who attacked AT&T;s servers to steal people’s private information is going to jail. It’s just a prank, the anarchists say. World of Warcraft attackers are getitng two years in China. I’m sure here in the US, these Anontards are next.


Said it before, will say it again: Google’s flawed, internal Youtube copyright processes are giving the actual DMCA a bad name.

I don’t cover the boring blow by blow of PATENT WARS anymore, but the emergence of an Apple-Microsoft alliance against Google is interesting.

New technology hinders old regulations. Watch as FCC tries to use this as the nose under the tent to regulate even more of the Internet.

One last point, though I know this is already a lot I’ve covered tonight. The Patent Trolls are striking back. They want you to believe they’re the little guy being the victim of big business. Except, if you listen to their argument carefully, they tend to admit they’re suing dozens and dozens of firms, which means clearly they’re just trial lawyers and their clients who are victimizing actual small businesses that do things. Reject them, and especially reject the argument that USPTO should get more funding the more patents it approves. That’s the core problem with patents in America today, the incentive for Patent Office bureaucrats to rubber stamp more and more bad patents.


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