Tech at Night: Retransmission Consent is like Net Neutrality? Also, something happens with phone unlocking.

Tech at Night

Here at RedState this week, Fred Campbell compared Retransmission Consent with Net Neutrality. Some may think the Steve Scalise bill (on an idea backed by Jim DeMint when he was in the Senate) doesn’t go far enough, but it’s a step, and it’s a lot better than the heavy headed, high-regulatory approach promoted by Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren, Democrats both.


The Obama administration may be terrible on phone unlocking, but they managed to get something done with industry after all.

Typical Obama administration lunacy: even when one Obama regulator actually deregulates, another Obama agency declares it’s going to re-regulate by fiat.

Bitcoin users sure are gullible.

Sometimes the title says it all, as in this post about the Obama administration’s amazing ability to erode one of the great achievements of regulation in America: spectrum auctions. Spectrum auction restrictions are a bailout of T-Mobile and Sprint.

The Google position on ‘abandoned’ copyrights is a real problem, and what’s worse is they’re taking this sense of entitlement well beyond ‘abandoned’ works. Google is putting copyrighted books online in Google Books without bothering to get permission. That’s copyright infringement or, as Erik Telford calls it, piracy.

An anarchist weeps because he’s in jail. I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for him.


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