Tech at Night: An uncomfortable truth about the NSA and corporate security. Let the market, not government, regulate phones on planes.

Tech at Night

Marsha Blackburn says the White House just isn’t credible on privacy. Is she right? Probably. I also think people really don’t care about privacy. Note the lack of an exodus from Google services even now.


I agree that it’s a very smart idea for FCC to eliminate rules that no longer make sense. Having a law, as opposed to the free market, ban phone use on planes, is a pointless power grab. We must defeat all GOP attempts to pass these laws which would have silenced 9/11 victims on the planes. I’d even suggest both Bill Shuster and Lamar Alexander need primary opponents, as they are exposing their big-government tendencies over this.

See, this is smart. We shouldn’t totally rewrite large bills like the Communications Act. We should implement targeted reform, one step at a time. FCC process reform is surely needed, and can be tackled in a standalone way.

I have an uncomfortable truth for you: These firms want to talk about NSA breaking into them, but the fact is, if NSA is doing it, China and Russia probably are, too. So talking about NSA is merely a red herring distracting from their fundamental insecurities. Taking power from NSA won’t make these firms more secure about your data.


The gun grabbers are using 3d printing as an excuse to add more gun laws. I’m glad to see Republicans opposing this. I warned you guys they’d come after 3d printing. It’s a great egalitarian technology, liberating ordinary people. That threatens those who desire power over others. You know, Democrats.

Google may have won its API case against Oracle, over the fact that Android uses technologies that are thinly veiled Java rips. Well, they may lose a big software patent case. No wonder they want to abolish software patents?

If we’re going to have antitrust laws, let’s at least use them intelligently.


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