Tech at Night: I hope your Thanksgiving went well. Defense Department engages in large scale copyright infringement.

Tech at Night

Seems like I’m always coming up with excuses not to post, but I knew nobody would read if I posted over Thanksgiving, so I just ate ham instead. I’m now at risk of turning into bacon, I’ve had so much.


Oops. The Department of Defense signed a deal with Apprticity to buy 500 user licenses and a number of server licenses of its software. But after the Army let slip during a presentation that “thousands” of users were in the system, the government’s large-scale copyright infringement exposed. Apptricity and the Obama administration settled for $50 million.

This is your periodic reminder that kids don’t belong on the Internet. The Internet is every sex predator on Earth, all hiding in your kid’s computer or phone. Be careful out there.

Funny how Bitcoins are always vanishing. Whether into a dump or into a scam website, Bitcoiners and their “money” seem to be soon parted.

Listen. Internet competition exists, though it is hindered by local and federal regulations. If there’s no competitive drive for gigabit home Internet, it’s because people aren’t willing to pay for it. Note: not that people don’t want it, but that people aren’t willing to pay for that kind of bandwidth. The freeloader Net Neutrality “I want unlimited Internet for a low, low cost” mentality is yet too pervasive.

So, you may recall that Pandora was pushing for a special regulatory cut-out to reduce its costs in music licensing. Pandora though gave up. So the question is, will Pandora carry their fairness argument the other way and try to eliminate the cut-out for terrestrial radio?

Alright, it’s 4am, let’s burn through the rest of the links I’ve gathered over a week.


China’s using modern social media strategy to oppress its people. It’s like the mirror universe Obama 2012 campaign.

Banning innovation: The Obama administration comes after DNA testing at home.

Google sure gets a lot of patents for a firm that hates them. Question is how aggressive will they be in defending them?

France seems to think that Criminals are using google and not hidden services like Tor. Heh. Meanwhile The UK is descending into full-on political censorship online under ‘conservative’ governance. Time for a fourth party that can actually win seats.

Apparently the news for spectrum is mixed. We need to liberate more spectrum from government to private use, and we need to auction it in an open, competitive way. Obama can’t seem to do both at the same time.

Listen: you do not have a right to wear spy hardware in private establishments, filming other people. That’s what Google Glass is, and people aren’t just going to get over it.

However such things should be a private choice. We don’t need regulation-happy big-government ‘Republicans’ like Lamar Alexander “vowing” to bring the boot of big government on private choice.


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