Tech at Night: Anonymous and Bitcoin, same as they ever were.

Tech at Night

Much like WMATA, I took Veteran’s Day half-off. I did the reading but not the writing.

You know how I’m already throwing words like ‘anarchoterrorist’ around groups like Anonymous? Well now they’re siding with Hamas in Gaza against Israel and all doubt is removed. It’s amazing that the blood libel exists in some form in the 21st century, but I guess anarchists are just that terrible.


Bitcoin is still a tool for criminals including Silk Road Gangster Ross Ulbricht, who tried to contract a murder to keep his racket going.

Relatedly: remember the ‘snitches get stitches’ movement of drug dealers? they’ve moved to Instagram, attempting to go after police informants. Notice how AOL/Huffington Post’s Daily Dot adopts their language and imagery.

Cybersecurity regulation at its ‘finest’: South Korea effectives tries to ban all web browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Nobody cares about POTS anymore. Regulation should not prop it up by hindering innovation.

This video is funny but you shouldn’t be giving true answers to security questions, ever. That’s how they broke into Sarah Palin’s email, you know.


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