Tech at Night: A day late and a link short.

Tech at Night

The push continues for US firms to be able to release stats about what the US Government asks of them. I support this. I’m in favor of the NSA doing its job but oversight is important, too.


Cable companies can’t believe people want other services, which is why they’re trying to regulate Aereo out of business.

Curse those nanny-state, censoring Republicans for being such scolds at the… well… Obama-controlled FCC.

Speaking of FCC, we really must let innnovation happen and not impede the IP Revolution or worse, use it as pretext for greater regulation.

More FCC? the frequent FCC lobbyist becomes the staffer, as Public Knowledge’s Gigi Sohn goes to FCC. They’re the ones who falsely, without evidence, accused me of being on AT&T’s payroll, if I recall.

I hope NSA is watching MEGA. I also hope they’re watching all the Silk Road clones.

Speaking of NSA: It strikes me as insane that Snowden is accusing Germany of spying for NSA then begging Germany for asylum in exchange for testimony.

Something tells me the whole Lavabit/Silent Circle Kickstarter is theater, just as Lavabit’s outrage before was all theater.

Is it too much to claim that the Glenns Greenwald’s boyfriend is.. butthurt over being reasonably detained over the spying ring his boyfriend has going on?


Look, in general terms yes, privacy is great, but unfortunately I think Richard Viguerie goes way too far here, in his final call to action. I reject the call to work with anarchists and progressives to go to war against private companies. You see, I still believe in free markets and free people, and think this reaction is unfortunate by Viguerie, and is surely being driven by the lies and manipulations of the traitor Snowden. Privacy is great, again, but making common cause with anarchists and socialist is a recipe for anti-American policies. Let them support our ideas. We don’t need to back their unilateral disarmament ideas.

I like this Senate bill though, which seeks to stop the next Snowden.


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