Tech at Night: Patent trolls strike back. ACLU goes too far against FISA.

Tech at Night

Sorry I missed Monday. That night it just slipped my mind and I went to bed!

The purpose of patents is to encourage useful works. That’s not just my idea. It’s in the Constitution. That’s why anti-patent troll legislation makes sense. Apparently more and more people are agreeing, because patent trolls are starting to lobby against it. Though I still say the best way to fight patent trolls is to stop issuing so many bad patents to begin with, by taking away that source of funding from USPTO that gives them an incentive to give too many patents. Give them a fixed budget.


Look, I’m fine with the kind of non-specific transparency of FISA warrants Google is loking for but ACLU trying to help terrorists isn’t interesting to me at all.

CISPA was a good idea but I don’t see it passing in this climate.

Huawei, run by a former People’s Liberation Army major and member of the Communist Party of China’s National Congress, claims to be not spying for China. Of course they’d say that. Though honestly I’m surprised that a member of the Central Military Commission hasn’t been put in charge there.

Cities like Kansas City brag about what they do to attract Google Fiber, but what if we deregulated like this for all innovation?

Wikileaks: In favor of freeing all information except that about Wikileaks. That information they’ll try to steal to keep it out of the public eye. It’s all about Julian Assange, you see.

I enjoy the continuing downfall of Silk Road, formerly one of the leading cells of criminal activity on Tor.


Aereo continues to innovate and defy those who would regulate it out of existence.

Fair use exists but is under attack as the biased DMCA system goes too far, sometimes. We need to tweak the DMCA system to prevent abuses.

Why do we need an FTC? That’s what House Republicans are asking, rightfully.


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