Tech at Night: Republicans are the real tech thought leaders. The FCC stalls innovation for a power grab.

Tech at Night

How desperate do you have to be? The radicals at Public Knowledge are trying to take credit for Republican initiatives. To claim a lefty was the ‘thought leader’ behind phone unlocking is ridiculous. That was Derek Khanna. Even Washington Post says so.


AT&T is wishing for a modern FCC so that they can innovate with the IP revolution. Instead FCC is threatening the economy by stalling, and for the basest of reasons: to try a power grab.

If you want to legalize online gambling, great. That’s fine. But the industry wants more than that. They know that the general public doesn’t trust them, so they want a massive government subsidy in the form of a regulatory body designed to engender trust and make them more money. I reject any new regulations of online gambling. Legalize, or let it be.

Did those who thought that the big Silk Road shutdown wasn’t a big deal, realize more arrests were coming? Heh. Anonymity is distinct from privacy. Honest people want privacy. Criminals seeking to dodge accountability for their behavior want anonymity.

Speaking of Tor, the Greenwald-Snowden propaganda campaign continues, trying to get the public to call off the dogs from the dangerous anonymity tool used by criminal gangs.

Traitor to America and convicted spy Bradley Manning says not to call him pacifist. No, he’s no pacifist. He sought to aid the enemies of America by trying to give them propaganda fodder. Pacifists don’t do that. People who hate freedom, do. This guy tried to aid enemy nations, who would murder him on sight for his (transparently manipulative, as I previously covered) claims of transsexuality. And don’t forget that his co-conspirator Julian Assange is a rapist on the run.

Speaking of Wikileaks, Assange is now trying to use trademark law to stifle dissent. Heh.


I have to say I disagree somewhat with Adam Therier on the new, wacky California laws. Yes, California’s stupid, and their laws show a gross misunderstanding of how the Internet works. But if innovators don’t like it, they can leave. Those who remain have it coming, particularly when the Bay Area is loaded with wacky Obamanauts of their own.

Saxby Chambliss wants to bring back CISPA. Good. Show the world what a light-touch Republican cybersecurity bill is. Not that I think the words ‘information sharing’ will do well in this climate being driven by press reports repeating unquestioningly the claims made by traitors like Manning and Snowden.

As Pandora continues to try to get regulatory subsidies to support themselves, Apple’s just negotiating and seeking to win in the marketplace.

Most Americans have no idea how sales tax works, nor how the states are already making extraterritorial claims on ‘use tax’ on transactions made across state lines. It’s an issue that could go either way with the public, though I continue to maintain the big box retailers have completely poisoned the well in the House with their winners-and-losers, ‘fairness’ rhetoric.


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