Tech at Night: No, people still don't care about privacy. The FCC attacks competition.

Tech at Night

If you’re really that worried about Dropbox “opening your files” as these guys on a wild goose chase were, then why exactly are you uploading them unencrypted to Dropbox to begin with? This is what I’m talking about when I say people don’t actually act like they care about privacy. If people did care, they’d act differently.


Once again, the FCC is looking to reduce competition by picking winners and losers int he marketplace, this time in attacking owners of UHF stations. The guy who owns channel 56 doesn’t even have the same market power as the guy who owns channel 4, so why try to make UHF owners divest? That just reduces competition.

As much as I do think we need tax reform in the Internet era, to help states that previously depended on now-dwindling sales tax revenue, it’s striking to me to see US House Republicans looking to protect Internet access from local taxes even as Michigan Republicans are trying to tax online commerce. All Michigan’s going to do is reduce opportunity in their own state, as firms like Amazon will pull affiliate and related programs.

I mentioned this recently, but it seems to be getting more attention: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act was an example of a pro-innovation law.


And yet now the FTC may yet become terribly anti-innovation as “privacy” is used to attack innovators like Facebook.

Yeah, you know what? Lavabit should be shut down. If you have a problem with lawful investigations of criminals like Edward Snowden, get out of business.

Anonymous cells continue to get rolled up, this time for attacking innocent police officers. Heh. Welcome to prison.


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