Tech at Night: Catching up after a cold.

Tech at Night

Woof. This week I had my worst cold in years, the worst I had since the first CPAC I attended. Boy was that a miserable trip home, let me tell you, sick as a dog, with insufficient Claritin Ds to get me through it. I was lucky the middle seat was empty for me on both flights I had to get home! At least this week I could stay home, and sleep.


I’ve got a ton to cover, and I’m not really at 100% yet, so apologies for making this a bit scattershot tonight. Especially since the victory in Texas distracted me from finishing this promptly! (Edit: It’s also help if I remembered to hit Publish…)

Marsha Blackburn on innovation proves she gets it. We need to do what encourages innovation. Attacking copyright freeloaders is reasonable.

The Obama administration is dangerously alarmist on cybersecurity.

ISPs and the government should be able to work together against foreign threats. That’s why we want CISPA.

France has no right to free speech, and Twitter is being used to prosecute the offenders, as hateful as they may be.

This ISP is challenging a Utah law, and trying to make you think they’re also fighting NSA. Cute trick.

Personal cybersecurity matters, folks. Don’t put stuff online needlessly, use good passwords, use secure networks, etc.

In the rush to attack online gambling, Florida may have banned using the Internet, what a disaster.

The fact that we’re even having to worry whether Edward Snowden is damaging US-international relations shows why he must be captured. Though it’s clear some countries are making a show of taking action. He must be worried that we’re trying though, which is why he’s taking so long to figure out where to go, and how to get there.

If Pandora is getting more listeners, they should be able to fix their business model without government help.


So Kim Dotcom thinks he can beat the NSA, while the world yawns at India’s open surveillance.

FCC reform is still needed and it’s still on the table for House Republicans.

Google is apparently still on a buddy-up-to-Republicans kick, risking angering the Green left to buddy up to Jim Inhofe.

Apparently one iPhone app developer thinks jailbreakers (not unlockers, jailbreakers) are doing a lot of freeloading these days, so they’re fighting back.

If only the left were as worried about franchise monopolies in actual markets, as they were about a theoretical cable duopoly in the non-existent national market.

Apple found guilty of price fixing with book publishers, to attack Amazon. I find it an odd concept though, when monopolist price-setting is the whole point of copyright.

I fundamentally disagree that we need any sort of federal action on prison phone prices. This should be a state matter, as it’s state criminal justice.

Ajit Pai takes on protectionism and cronyism! These things stem from regulation, not free markets.



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