Tech at Night: China plays dumb on Snowden. Microsoft arming the US Government in cyberwar?

Tech at Night

China is ‘demanding’ information about what the NSA is up to, wink wink. Because they’re totally, 100%, absolutely not in cahoots with Snowden or anything, of course not.


I hope these SWATters are found and get prison time.

Regulation run amok? Televisions for the blind, mandated by law!

Google does good: The firm is donating its image indexing technology to index known images of real rape and child pornography, so that they can be easily spotted and… dealt with… by authorities.

On the other hand, modern image technology is also making good use of state photo ID databases. But small government conservatives and libertarians have a huge weakness in fighting state-level battles.

Is Microsoft arming the US Government in cyberwar? Good on them.


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