Tech at Night: Can we please not have too many cooks spoil the cybersecurity broth. Just watch them on 3D Printing.

Tech at Night

There are many consistent themes of the Obama administration, but one of the more troubling ones is the duplication of competencies. Just how many agencies do we need creating their own cybersecurity mandates? Yes, yes, Department of Energy wants to feel important. Who cares? Get this stuff under one roof. NSA, GSA, DHS, FCC, I don’t care. Pick one.


Oh look, FDA is apparently looking to get into the act, or will they at least stick to warning and let somebody else actually do the standards-setting?

At least Darrell Issa is hard at work cleaning house internally for government security and IT oversight.

Speaking of cybersecurity, all the NSA stuff makes us reconsider when the Obama administration only slapped Google on the wrist over WiSpy.

Told you they were coming after 3D printing. “This could become a dangerous tool,” they say. So what happens when this ban just on printed guns fails? They’ll come after the nascent 3D printing industry overall. Just watch.

Is the Happy Birthday copyright valid? We’ll find out.

This is pathetic. In the UK, Lulzsec gangster and child pornography collector gets off the hook by claiming autism. Maybe across the water in Ireland, the Pirate Bay should try the same claim.


France doesn’t have free speech for unpopular opinions, therefore it doesn’t have free speech. Yeah, that’s right. Even the stupid people deserve free speech. Even on Twitter.

Obama orders the government to free up spectrum. That’s great, but when the administration is also trying to pick winners and losers in spectrum reallocation, this isn’t a full solution to our problems.


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