Tech at Night: A few quick points on FISA, NSA, and PRISM.

Tech at Night

It’s the hot topic, so I’m going to start off with a few points on FISA and PRISM.

Point one: Foreign agents can control US phone numbers, particularly in this age of constant cybersecurity threats.


Point two: Searching a third party service provider isn’t the same as searching your home.

Point three: ECHELON is an old program, one where the UK’s intel team spies on us, and the NSA spites on them. NSA-avoidance advice that tells you to favor non-US firms is laughably stupid.

Point four: Data mining of metadata for mathematical analysis of networks, using known terrorists and allies as anchors, isn’t the same as spying on anyone.

Example of point one: Giant botnets exist. How many modems are attached to the systems on these botnets? You may say ‘who has a modem anymore?’ but users of dial-up number in the 6 or 7 figures. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it travels with you, it works even in remote areas, and it’s all some people need.

Kids at school do not need Internet access. That means, Obama’s plan for government spending money for it is a waste. The Internet is for adults, and no kid should ever have Internet access without parental supervision. It’s a wild and dangerous world online.


The evidence mounted that Google was turning a blind eye to shady drug merchants. Some say that they’re still allowing it. But here’s the thing: merely saying the results exist, is not the same as showing that any humans at Google knew they existed. Before, there was documented proof that Google ad people were actually seeing the drugs for sale. We need to see that again to be sure Google is doing it on purpose.



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