Tech at Night: American wireless is the best in the world. Rand Paul is getting busy.

Tech at Night

Markets work, folks. Americans have way more invested in our wireless than the rest of the world.. As a result, our wireless is the best in the world. This is why the broadband story is never completely told by the pro-regulatory faction: they need to “hide the decline” of socialized wireless.


Also, it’s beginning to look like Rand Paul is running for President (shocker, I know). Despite prominent wealthy California Democrats are, you now, Democrats, the Senator is trying to get support there. I suppose he’s trying to replace his father’s fringe base with left-libertarians. So he even talked to Wired and is cozying up to Silicon Valley industry. Will it translate to votes? Certainly not in the primary and I’m skeptical in the general. But if it works for him, it could be big.

Government works don’t get copyrighted in this country. Should government-sponsored scientific research have mandatory open publication? I think yes. If we are funding basic science, open ‘er up. If you want to own your work, fund it yourself.

Since I missed Tech on Friday (sorry), here’s some quick hits:

The Obama administration is talking tough on the Chinese cybersecurity threat, but it’s just talk. Republicans are right to press on this issue.

A failure in the DMCA system isn’t any less a flag when it happens to rapist Julian Assange.

Speaking of copyright, Google is floating the idea the economic sanctions beat censorship. I think it’s worth considering. Certainly the RIAA’s preferred approaches haven’t really worked.


FCC continues to be a risk to botch the spectrum-freeing incentive auctions.

Here’s hoping Verizon strikes a blow for the first amendment liberty and for prosperous innovation in the Net Neutrality case.

It sounds like Tennessee really might lower the income tax should the sales tax compact get going. Other states could, too. Republican-run states anyway.

It’s not up to Google how Glass will be used. The hardware has been and will be rooted, so Google Play assurances are moot. Facial recognition will be built into it eventually, whether Google approves it or not.

Mt. Gox, the Magic the Gathering Online Exchange, the leading Bitcoin banker, is attempting to comply with money laundering rules to avoid being cut off from US dollar markets. So much for anonymity, suckers.



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