Tech at Night: Keep government from micromanaging, to prevent the next ECPA mess.

Tech at Night

Unnecessary legislation watch: House Democrats (and a Republican) want to meddle in the matter of employer access to Facebook. Sure, a lot of people aren’t smart about Facebook, but that’s no good reason to expand government here. Let’s not micromanage. We just went over this with ECPA.


How can we trust new government regulations of Cybersecurity, Obama-style, when heavily regulated utilities are doing so poorly? That’s why we need a light touch, low on regulation, CISPA-style.

Why do we need CISPA? We face pro-terrorist threats. And while the gangs like Anonymous like to pretend they’re for the little guy, check the bottom of this post to see how they can’t even do charity without acting like a bunch of criminals. Seriously: what legitimate organization makes threats in the course of doing charitable work?

Is Amazon good enough for government work? Yes, says GSA’s FedRAMP.

We passed the President’s patent ‘reform’ and things got worse. It’s time for real patent reform to target the abuses of the litigious and unproductive, as Senator Cornyn and Vermont are each trying.


How little are actual customers bothered by paying for the wireless data they use? This little. T-Mobile is ranked fourth in satisfaction, Verizon first.

Can we reform copyright? Yes, but we can make narrow reforms. We don’t need sweeping legislation. DMCA made a careful balance, so let’s just restore that balance and punish false copyright claims. Aren’t false copyright claims supposed to be acts of perjury?


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