Tech at Night: It's easier to get private Broadband than public Water. Google and eBay take stances.

Tech at Night

So the left is mad that the President’s new pick for Commerce isn’t totally in the pocket of the unions, and they’re mad the new pick for FCC, Tom Wheeler, isn’t a radical socialist like Bernie Sanders. I’m not all that optimistic about either pick though. The President is choosing bundlers for personal loyalty, which means radicalism on his terms, but still radicalism.


This is amazing though, and this is something the radicals will never tell you: more Americans lack access to public water than to broadband Internet. Twice as many, in fact. Government is a failure, compared with private competition.

Reason number one that government needs to leave Aereo alone: competition benefits all of us.

Apparently Google made an active change to its search service to recognize “Palestine” not as territories under Israeli control, but as a separate thing. Fear or ideology? Either way, not a good sign.

Speaking of Internet firms taking political stands, eBay went way out on a limb against MFA, which I think was dumb when it doesn’t even affect sellers who make less than a million in gross sales. Grandma on Etsy or eBay is not at risk of having to do Internet sales tax compliance, guys.


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