Tech at Night: Pass CISPA. Don't pass a big, messy copyright bill.

Tech at Night

Forgive me for being a bit brief tonight. I’ve had caffeine-related sleep issues the last two nights, getting up at 2am wide awake. So… yeah I’m tired!


I was productive this morning at least though, which is why I was able to bang out finally this post on CISPA and why we need to pass it.

CISPA is a bill that we ought to pass, even if it looks like Democrats might obstruct, so it looks like Michael McCaul is ready to move on regardless, talking about his own cybersecurity bill.

There’s still the matter of a new FCC chairman. It’s important that we get a humble FCC chairman, not a wild-eyed activist. A letter to that point has been circulated by Tech Freedom and Geoff Manne of the International Center of Law & Economics, signed by groups including Heritage Action, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and Americans for Tax Reform. We need a pro-innovation chairman who will obey the law, not one looking to grow government for its own sake regardless of the law, as certain rumored choices for FCC might consider.

Again, I’m pretty solidly against any attempt at a comprehensive copyright reform. I favor copyright reform, but one big, bundled bill isn’t a process I trust. Let’s fix it with smaller, targeted bills. Not a big lobbyist grab bag.

Oh look, privacy being used an excuse for regulation again. For the children. COPPA sounded like a good idea, but in practice it’s a bad idea. Just another reason to oppose a big, grab bag bill of copyright.



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