Tech at Night: Why we need CISPA. Enzi defends the Sales Tax compact.

Tech at Night

CISPA is still the top issue right now. The new version is getting broad support in industry, it appears. Again: the attacks America faces against our government and industry would be acts of war if done on the high seas, but are continuing consequence-free just because they’re online. Francis Cianfrocca points out what is needed: a framework for sharing information about threats. Not massive regulations, which won’t help. Not blaming the victim, which will make the bad guys laugh.


In Internet Sales Tax Compact news, Mike Enzi is feeling the heat to defend his bill to his constituents, and is making reasonable arguments for it. “If we don’t collect that revenue, they’ll have to find a new source.” Ding. “This is a states’ rights bill and it would require the states to act before anything could happen.” Ding. But we shall see if it can pass the House. I do wonder if the terrible “fairness” rhetoric from the big box retailers has poisoned the well.

Microsoft is claiming open source software is illegal for Google to promote. Wow, it’s the Halloween Documents all over again. Also, it’s ridiculous that Microsoft – a victim of runaway regulators – is now pushing for the same to happen to others.

We don’t want to be like Europe, where regulators are now dictating Google search content.

Greenland shuts down the Pirate Bay. I’m surprised they haven’t followed in Kim Dotcom’s chubby footsteps and gone to New Zealand.


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