Tech at Night: CISPA to be amended, Patent Trolls attack, Fighting for Spectrum

Tech at Night

While it’s true that cybersecurity can be cover for bad proposals, it is true that foreign organized criminal and state-backed attacks are hitting American government and business interests online every day. They’re even stealing large sums of money on a regular basis. This is why we need to address the issue in a serious way. If these attacks were going on at sea, it would be an act of war. Because it’s online, nothing happens? Come on.


Amending CISPA in order to try to get it to pass might be a good idea. If anarchists and other left-libs don’t like it, then it may yet be a good bill after the changes.

Patent trolling continues in Barack Obama’s grand America Invents Act era. Google isn’t waiting on government to stop it, which is interesting.

Greg Walden is doing good when he wants to make sure small market broadcasters aren’t shortchanged by FCC, which is a good way to ensure that rural America gets the spectrum it needs freed up in order to provide high speed Internet for all. This is about allocating resources efficiently, but the Obama administration is trying to skim extra cash off the top to pay for socialist programs like Obamaphone.


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