Tech at Night: Odds and ends on security and regulation

Tech at Night

Here we go again. The Weekend-at-Bernies-ificatoin of Aaron Swartz continues. He made an example of himself to become an anti-copyright martyr, and now we’re supposed to degrade property rights online to give him his way anyway. Pass.


Computer Fraud and Abuse is a problem, but foreign threats are an issue, too. That’s why we also need to pass CISPA which started off as the low-regulatory, small-government alternative to the Democrat power grab, if you recall. Funny how the so-called libertarians only rally agains the GOP proposal, and stayed silent against Lieberman-Collins last time.

Oh noes! Anonymous is going to respond to nuclear threats by l33t h4x0ring of North Korean websites! Anonymous seems to have two parts: organized crime, and stupid script kiddies.

The EU is apparently targeting Google. The people don’t actually care about privacy, so they keep using Google’s services. Therefore nanny Brussels wants to intervene.

And yes, for fastest Broadband, we need Innovation, not regulation.


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