Tech at Night: Can we kill the Obamaphone? Beware comprehensive copyright reform.

Tech at Night

Some nights I have a couple dozen points to hit. Some nights I have three. This is one of the latter.

The radicals are worried about the Obamaphone program, also known as the Lifeline program. They tried saying it expanded under Bush, but we still want to kill it anyway. So they’re nervous we might kill it.


Remember when they said Obama’s sweeping executive order would fix cybersecurity, and it was so urgent that we submit to his defiance of legislation? oops, it didn’t do squat. So we’re left with the administration begging China and others to stop attacking us.

The drumbeat continues to reopen the issues settled in the DMCA, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (which, contrary to that link, really was the last major copyright reform, along with the Sonny Bono extension bill). Is there good reform to be had? Probably, but comprehensive reform usually means somebody wants to ram through a bunch of bad stuff at once.

If there are things to fix, let’s fix them one by one, in individual pieces of legislation.


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