Tech at Night: The President's order is published. Wifi Spectrum coming.

Tech at Night

I took President’s day off. I know, terrible, right? Well let’s try to catch up.

So the President’s Cybersecurity order has been published. EO 13636. Part of it relates to information sharing. Interesting that even as he does that, he opposes actual regulation to share information. CISPA would be an actual law though, but the President cares not for the Constitution.


Oh, but he’s also going to use diplomacy as cybersecurity. Yeah, that’ll work.

Spectrum: 4G and beyond are important, but so is WiFi. So it’s not really a bad thing, as far as I can tell, that the FCC is finding more spectrum for WiFi.

Some sales tax stuff: Bill Haslam is among those who back the interstate sales tax compact which is why legislative efforts continue. Interesting I think that the squishes of the Senate are backing it, but in the states, it’s the conservative governors.

Quick hits. Which isn’t to say these links aren’t important. It’s just to say I’m very tired!

The left is so desperate to attack cable companies they’re making nonsense economic arguments about profit margins. Infrastructure isn’t free guys.


Here’s an interesting development: Google working with an elected Republican, but on something other than policy.

House Republicans continue to hold Obama accountable for his stimulus failures.

And a trio of copyright links: Google looks to defund infringers, Kim Dotcom claims to be getting users though no word on profits, and the Pirate Bay notices IP rights matter.


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