Tech at Night: Netflix proves me right on Net Neutrality. DoJ on Swartz.

Tech at Night

Remember when they told you Net Neutrality was needed? Remember when we said it was really about favoring online firms over telecoms? Told you so, told you so, told you so. Netflix now blocking select ISPs, trying to use market power in order to bully their way to sweetheart bandwidth deals, knowing ISPs can’t fight back under Net Neut regs, aka the Open Internet order.


PS Told you so.

It remains ridiculous that the Aaron Swarz suicide continues be politicized to the point that we’re putting innocent prosecutors under pressure, pressure that defies cross-examination due to the death of the key witness.

No, Americans don’t care about online privacy. That’s why Instagram grew despite the big privacy flap.

Last year, Republicans used primary threats to defeat SOPA while Democrats did everything they could not to threaten Barack Obama, Harry Reid, or any other Democrat, putting partisan politics over Internet freedom.

As a result, the Obama administration is supporting an ITU treaty with 10%-20% of objectionable proposals related to Internet freedom. Yeah, he learned his lesson. He can walk all over the digital libertarians and they’ll thank him for it.

Yes, Democrats can walk all over digital libertarians on video game censorship, too, a first amendment issue, and like sheep they will follow the leader unquestioningly.


So, obese German fugitive Kim Dotcom is still planning a new Mega venture while he hides out in New Zealand from US law enforcement over his Megaupload enterprise, which was a service for hosting copyright infringement and hacker tools that he made millions off of. And yet he acts like it takes a vast conspiracy for him to be controversial.


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