Tech at Saturday Morning: Google's FTC problem; Panetta unhinged on cybersecurity

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Oh man, I forgot to finish this Friday night. Oops.

Funny how Google says they can’t fix Googlebombs when the fact is, Google is constantly improving its search algorithms. After all, the Bush-era Googlebombs of disappeared pretty quick after Obama was elected.


Stuff like this is why I don’t expect Google’s regulatory problems to go away in the event of a Romney win. Google has left its systems open (Blogger, Search, Youtube) for the left to abuse the right, and has been slow to react. It’s going to be very easy for the left wing of the GOP to get talked into expanding government to come after them, unfortunately.

Leon Panetta is kind of losing it on cybersecurity. I think we all know this is part of the administration’s push to get public support for defying the Congress (including the Senate controlled by the President’s own party) and issuing a executive order decreeing state control of the Internet. But even as he exposes US shifts in strategy, he’s dreaming up crazy, cable TV movie theories for why we need to let Obama do what he wants in an executive order.

The fact is, the administration is wrong on the executive order. Existing regulatory bodies can regulate industries at risk, and that pose a risk to the public if not protected, such as what the FERC is doing.

Whoever did this needs to go to jail, but I admit I’m chuckling at taking advantage of Reddit-types who were misinformed about SOPA. Hint: RedState readers were well-informed, but the left side of the Internet not so much.


People’s Liberation Army puppet Huawei is mad that Americans are pointing out the truth about them.

It turns out slow moving industries are better to regulate than fast moving ones. Rural electrification doesn’t teach us much about how to do the Internet.

How the flip can Sprint buy T-Mobile if Sprint is needing cash from Japan’s Softbank?

I’ve mentioned before that even as guys like Darrell Issa have tried to put together a bipartisan coalition on sensible tech policy, that there’s a limit to what we can do with the Democrats on these issues. Well, we may be seeing cracks forming now, as California Democrat Anna Eshoo calls out new FCC commissioner Ajit Pai on spectrum. Pai wants more market forces at work in spectrum allocation than the Democrats do, it sounds like.

Ladies and gentlemen, the FCC at work! You think Obamaphone was bad? Try 30.


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