Tech at Night: We need to attack the core problem of state-run cyber attacks, not grow government

Tech at Night

So, more cybersecurity. The government is starting to recognize state actors online, which makes sense given that enemies like Iran aren’t shy about it. That’s good. Recognizing fact is a prerequisite to making good policy.


But I think trying to dictate to private business is the wrong idea. Huawei and ZTE may be organs of the People’s Liberation Army, which would make it a good reason never to have government buy from Huawei, and possibly even to restrict government contractors from using Huawei hardware when fulfilling government contracts. But anything beyond that just grows government in ways that possibly harm us.

If Huawei is breaking the law then we need to put people in jail. If we can show that the Chinese government is attacking us, we need to address the problem at the source, rather than cut a couple vines of kudzu. Expanding government against a couple of businesses is not necessary when we have laws already on the books, and not sufficient when the problem is a state actor.

Heh heh heh. All of rapist Julian Assange’s fans who donated for his bail are going to have to pay up considering that he, you know, broke his word and fled to the Ecuadorian embassy. And you know he won’t pay them back, either.

How bad and simply out of touch are the Obama regulators, whose FTC recently got a consent decree against Myspace? they’ve even lost xkcd with a point often made in this space.


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