Tech at Night: Reformist regulators are needed to undo the Obama damage

Tech at Night

I don’t think it’s ever too soon for conservatives to start pressuring Mitt Romney to appoint reformist regulators, because the Obama regulators are bad news, retarding innovation and growth. Per Fred Campbell, “If the FCC had adopted the eligibility restrictions proposed by PISC in 2007, the United States would not have achieved the LTE leadership touted by current FCC Chairman Genachowski.”


Also remember, the same White House talking about a power-grab of a Cybersecurity executive order can’t even secure itself. If Barack Obama issues the EO, that’s another thing Mitt Romney must repeal DAy One.

A basic problem with FTC privacy regulation seems to be that it breaks the first amendment, per Facebook. I hadn’t thought about that.

Even as the House investigates terrible abuses by the Obama administration in LightSquared’s favor, LightSquared still hasn’t given up.

Liberaltarians again learn that Democrats are not liberaltarians as Moonbeam vetoes a ban on police wireless jamming.

California however is favoring some phone providers over others which seems unfair to me. Regulate all or none. In fact, I vote ‘none’. Leave everyone alone, not just the VOIP providers.


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