Tech at Night: Obama administration contradicts itself on Cybersecurity, House looking at Sales Tax issues

Tech at Night

As if it’s not bad enough that Barack Obama and the DHS are planning to defy the Congress and rule by decree on Cybersecurity, we’ve now got Jay Rockefeller using intimidation to try to apply a chilling effect to any opposition to the leader.


The dumbest part? Even as one part of the administration pushes cybersecurity, another pushes for back doors, which is a massive reduction in security, never mind the government spying angle.

Hoo boy. Steve Womack in the House is jumping into the sales tax debate, proposing a similar plan to the Streamlined Sales Tax-backing Marketplace Fairness Act already in the Senate. I expect one of these to pass under President Romney.

I don’t think this is the right argument to limit broadcasters attempting to regulate their way. Broadcasters don’t own copyright on the works they broadcast (usually). Broadcasting something should not give freeloading hippies the right to rebroadcast it. That’s not in the public interest at all!

Drink the tears of these Anontard gangsters getting arrested. Frogmarch!

If the administration opposes global governance online, then why oppose Congressional oversight over the ITU negotiations?

Right on cue, the left of the FCC is taking up the Soros-funded prison phone initiative. Remember: this is merely a pretext to increase regulation of the states. This is purely an attack on federalism, with convicted murderers, rapists, and gang bangers as your innocent victims in need of government protection. I know, it’s nuts.


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