Tech at Night: Beware, hackers and pirates!

Tech at Night

Hackers and pirates! Kim Dotcom says he’ll be back and revive his copyright infringement empire, while infringement haven Pirate Bay’s co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm has been arrested in Cambodia and faces deportation, related to his conviction in Sweden.


Also, Anonymous’s Antisec claims to have broken into FBI servers and gotten data about iPhones. FBI says pics or it didn’t happen. Theory: they installed a trojan app in the App Store and are blaming the FBI as cover.

Earlier I mentioned how Google was making strong efforts to win over Republicans and regulators both. It’s easy to see why the former is hards on them: the firm’s employees are heavily invested in Barack Obama.

If productivity growth will drive economic growth, then we’d best not regulate away the Internet that got us here.

Support wireless innovation and support the troops and their families.


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