How did the party let itself get hijacked by abortion warriors?

Hold your fire. Did you think I was talking about Republicans? Oh, no. I’m talking about the Democrats. That party has been hijacked by the radical feminist fringe. In a way that mimics the imagined trend of the Tea party, the feminists are pushing losing candidates on the Democrats, and forcing them to pick up losing issues in the elections.


This goes from Barack Obama on down. In a jobs election, he’s talking abortion.

This has been brewing a while, too. So hold your inflamed commentary about recent events, because this is older than that. Here’s a trio of photos I took in the DC Metro system on August 6, here in Virginia:

I zoomed in sequentially so you could see what was going on here? The Chicago gang is taking their regional, extremist values and trying to push them on the entire country. They’re so out of touch they think they can, or even must, win this election on social issues.

It’s not just Barack Obama, either. Look at the Democrat stronghold of Massachusetts. Twice in a row they’ve been stuck with absolutely horrible candidates for Senate, despite having a deep bench, as every single House district in the state is represented by a Democrat. Why? It’s clear they’re insisting that they elect the first woman to represent Massachusetts in the Senate.


First Martha Coakley, then Elizabeth Warren, both of whom have shown an inability to pull away from Scott Brown in a far left state, because they’re both too ineffective and too extreme even for Massachusetts. And now Barack Obama is being forced to walk the radical pro-abort line, even in a jobs election.

It’s not enough for the social fringe of the Democrat party that they win elections. They must make the election be about fringe social views, even if it costs them elections. It’s about teaching a lesson, apparently.


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