Tech at Night: Cybersecurity Act process continues

Tech at Night

Having decided to give amending Lieberman-Collins Cybersecurity Act a go, Republicans now engage in that amendment process. Though, is it unfair of me to point out that it would be against Symantec’s best interests for American Internet security to improve?


Why not to trust Senate Democrats on cybersecurity, in a nutshell: We’re criminalizing victimhood with this new Patrick Leahy proposal. Insane.

Mike Wendy muses on telecom topics, and in the process explains why the Obama administration was wrong on AT&T/T-Mobile. To the detriment of America.

Nope, We don’t need new privacy regulations.

I love competition. Apple’s App Store is a haven of great competition, making even the big boys compete based on good product at good price, rather than coasting on name and reputation. Watch ’em weep, and smile at how competition works.


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