Tech at Night: Republicans to try to fix Lieberman-Collins Cybersecurity bill

Tech at Night

Senate Republicans have decided to take Harry Reid at his word that Republicans will have the opportunity to amend the Lieberman-Collins cybersecurity bill. So, many Republicans voted for advancing the bill, which passed 84-11.


And oh boy it needs amending. Who are you going to believe? For it is Barack Obama. Against have been Kay Bailey Hutchison, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Heritage, and IBM.

Privacy is a red herring. The problems are in the mandates and power grabs. So if this bill isn’t effectively amended into SECURE IT, they must vote no on passage.

Something Senators should consider as well regulation is harming our security as it is, which is important to note as attacks increase.

And the next time you hear them talk about privacy with respect to this, remember that your supposed privacy guardians… lie. as Google did by retaining its Wi-Spy Street View data.

So a counter to the poorly-conceived Internet Bill of Rights going around and backed by Rand Paul is the Declaration of Internet Freedom. What’s nice about this is that it’s written like a proper Bill of Rights in that it mostly tells government what not to do. I can support these principles driving a Romney administration’s Internet policy.

Principles like this ought to drive a more active conservative movement in tech policy. All too often we see conservatives complaining about how they don’t see a difference between Republicans and Democrats. Thats’ because they’re not looking closely enough, particularly at the radicalized Obama administration and its regulatory policies. So I hope that we get more conservatives active on this stuff.


It takes a really warped perspective to think that massive private investment making America great somehow is a bad thing, but Harvard’s Susan Crawford manages it.

Kim Dotcom is getting desperate and now claims his site wasn’t as bad as the other guys. This has nothing to do with what actually stayed up though, his claims that he was taking things down. If he’s so innocent, why does New Zealand have to rig the courts there by stacking the deck with biased, anti-American judges to keep him from justice? Why does he keep changing the subject with conspiracy theory talk, claiming that Obama and Biden are personally out to get him?


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