Tech at Night: Safe Web Act, Samsung copycatting, Obama's PROTECT IP/SOPA mastermind rides again [HTML fixed]

Tech at Night

It’s clear that the Obama administration wants the Safe Web Act renewed, what with the big showy announcement over at ICE (though if ICE is going after “Copy Cats,” how long until Samsung gets nailed?).


I’d want to look carefully though. We don’t have to just renew it. We can examine it and change it in any ways that make sense given the Obama administration’s pervasive abuse of regulatory powers.

Given these and other fights for greater power, it’s kinda funny that the very same Obama FCC is criticizing the efforts by Russia to censor the Internet along the same lines as the administration’s PROTECT IP proposal.

That’s right, never forget: SOPA was just the House version of a Dem Senate/Obama administration idea.

And um, yeah, quick hits.

The authoritarian, capricious Obama administration continues to use double and triple teaming selectively against disfavored firms, such as Verizon trying to buy spectrum on the secondary market. On orders from George Soros and his funded organizations, using regulation to pick winners and losers, not to protect the interests of the public.

It’s all about spectrum, and government is hoarding it to the detriment of jobs and growth.

Aereo survives preliminary injunction on the grounds that it’ll probably win. Wow. I wasn’t sure if the service (which is innovative and neat) would survive on the technicality of law it found. I’m glad innovation could triumph, though.


The corrupt, anti-American IOC is insane, but apparently the London Olympics people also don’t understand the Internet at all, besides, and let that misunderstanding drive a totalitarian instinct. Because they claim that you can be prohibited by law from linking to their website with derogatory comments. Heh. Oops. Choke and die on my American First Amendment, suckers. U S A. U S A.

I agree that the free market must win out in the DirecTV/Viacom standoff.

Jimmy Wales (egotistical Wikipedia co-founder who tries to steal sole credit as founder) is a radical extremist apparently opposed to property rights and Constitutional liberty, and is possibly also a Paultard, so I have to side with MPAA against him. And I hate the rent-seeking MPAA.



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