Tech at Night: Kim Dotcom's Massive Hubris, Google has it coming on Safari hack, a reasonable child pornography bill

Tech at Night

US attempts to extradite Kim Dotcom have been delayed until 2013. It is unconfirmed whether the delay is related to the need to send a reinforced tanker to New Zealand in order to have a vehicle strong enough carry his weight back to the United States. In the meantime, the hubris (and food) filled man is trying to dictate terms to the US. That won’t go over well with prosecutors, I don’t think.


I can’t think of who’s really hurt by Marketplace Fairness Act and the interstate compact it ratifies. Sales tax free states don’t get a sales tax. Low tax states remain low tax states. High tax states just get what they should be used to. Yes, the ‘fairness’ rhetoric is annoying and wrong, but the policy itself is sound.

Thank you, thank you, thank you John Shimkus. The Obama administration is being hypocritical, complaining about Internet regulatory attempts on a scale of its own Title II Reclassification scheme, to gut the Telecommunications Act 1996 by regulatory fiat, and impose massive government censorship and regulatory control online.

Another interesting note from the big FCC grilling at the House: Fiber to get a light touch for now? Interesting when copper gets more regulation than wireless. Fiber to get less than copper as well? Why don’t we now just deregulate copper?

More FCC? The FCC’s power grab of a move into campaign finance law is going to court as broadcasters make an emergency challenge, now during election season when it matters most.

I’m all for a light touch on regulation, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Google deserves to be hammered and hard for its outright hack of Safari‘s privacy settings. That was a gross breach of security, and to be honest I’m not sure how far it should be considered to be from a criminal breach. Note: existing law works here. No new privacy laws needed.

Republicans looking to make government work better: freeing up spectrum to fix the spectrum crunch, and getting transparent with the DATA Act.


The spectrum thing is important because more spectrum will increase popular access to the Internet, which is so important these days. the Internet connects people, lowering costs of activity, creating opportunity and paving the way to prosperity.

Regulators are falling behind. As they go on their Search Neutrality Jihad, search personalization is well under way. Though, not everyone wants bubbled, and in a free market like we have, we have that choice without government action. (I use Duck Duck Go and I’m very happy with it.)

Laws aren’t the solution to every problem, including viruses and other such security threats online.

Finally, child pornography laws that make sense. No new regulation, no privacy threat, simply greater penalties for criminals and greater protection for the judicial process. Works for me. Lamar Smith was forced to get in line with reasonable Internet policies. Limited government won this battle, despite it being For The Children™.


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