Tech at Night: FCC to get grilled, Cybersecurity debate continues

Tech at Night

Darrell Issa’s House Energy and Commerce is going to have a special hearing with all five members of the FCC, including newly confirmed members Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai. The FCC is expected to be questioned about issues ranging from wired phone competition to spectrum. I hope Mitt Romney’s people are listening, because the hearing should also highlight regulatory reforms needed across the executive branch after the Barack Obama expansions.


Expansions which include yes, picking winners and losers in the marketplace.

Looks like I was right: an early draft ‘compromise’ by Jon Kyl and Sheldon Whitehouse on the Cybersecurity debate int he Senate was too regulatory, and a new draft is coming out. What is wrong with Jon Kyl that he has to go further left than McCain, Murkowski, and others on this?

I begin to think that the radicals equate anything a firm does to improve its competitiveness, with being anti-competitive. I would also suggest that if the radicals want spectrum to be less of a competitive issue that they should open up the secondary spectrum market and get more spectrum onto the market to begin with. The answer is not to make spectrum even more scarce and even more hard to acquire.

Kim Dotcom’s brain must be getting sweaty and feverish under all those layers of fat the man acquired building his multi-million dollar criminal enterprise known as Megaupload, because he really did think Joe Biden was the mastermind of a vast conspiracy against him, now denied by the government and the MPAA. He claims he has more information to back up his allegation but chooses not to release them now. Now, when his life is on the line in the form of criminal prosecutions against him.



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