Let's tax wealthy foundations the same way we tax wealthy individuals

Down with the 1%! End the social injustice of gross income inequality! Smash the unfair fruits of capitalist oppression, in which a wealthy few take care of well-connected allies, instead of circulating their money into the economy for the 99% to get to touch!


It’s time we started taxing wealthy foundations at the same rate we tax wealthy individuals. Gates. Ford. Getty. Kellogg. Hewlett and Packard. Moore. Mellon. Rockefeller. Soros. These are not just the 1%, but the 1% of the 1%.

Great wealth in the hands of a few is undemocratic, whether it’s directly by a person, or given over to these private corporations that serve as embodiments of boundless ego. Tax them to fund a truly charitable social safety net for all Americans.

No, I am not sounding like an Occupier. In fact, the Occupations aren’t making this argument at all. If they believed what they want you to believe, they should. But they don’t make this argument, because they don’t believe what they claim to.

They’d never tax the Ford Foundation, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, or the like because these foundations are, with unions, the life blood of the organized, radicalized left in America. To tax these foundations would cut into their Community Organizer paychecks, so they’ll never even propose it.

So why tax “the 1%?” It’s because it’s a tax. This was never about “the 1%” or “the 99%.” That’s merely convenient rhetoric to be used to push the idea of higher income taxes. Much higher taxation is necessary to create the large, powerful socialist state in the United States of America. They will try for it by any means necessary.


Right now it’s high incomes. Assuming they got their way, they would then move on to Old Money. That 1%, the “idle rich,” would be the new target in the form of a consumption tax, whether a VAT (with a law prohibiting publishing prices without VAT, of course), or just a national sales tax.

It’s all about growing taxation to grow the state. There is no ideological consistency beyond that to be sought. The Occupiers are a movement that believed the wrong side won the Cold War, and so they intend to create the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics here in America.

Until they get that, they will not dare raise logically consistent proposals that would harm their ability to push that greater agenda. The 1% argument is a means to the end. It must be ignored whenever the greater agenda is threatened.

Wealth inequality is not inherently bad, and even less so income inequality. Even the Occupiers admit this with their selective calls for taxation. They’re not trying to shatter concentrated wealth. They’re only trying to fund the program of a radical, socialist ideological movement.


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