Tech at Night: Jay Rockefeller admits the truth of Lieberman-Collins, and there's no escaping basic economics

Tech at Night

The masks are slipping on Cybersecurity. The CISPA debate has died to a dull roar now that the House is done with it, while the Senate may or may not pass it, and the President has promised a veto. And yet, still not outrage against Lieberman-Collins, despite Jay Rockefeller (who introduced a version of the bill the previous two Congresses) admitting he’s anti-business and anti-profit, while demanding government dictatorial control over the private property online. Seriously, in justifying the bill he says “Corporations are unlikely to regulate themselves out of profits,” so the message is clear that like any socialist, he’s trying to eradicate private profit.


Meanwhile we again and again prove information, not regulation, is the key to improving security.

Here’s an interesting case: New York City wants to search Twitter records without a warrant, and Twitter is saying no.

Witness the government’s priorities: spending money to add the DHS seal to DVDS, and blocking spectrum for vague reasons.

As with Net Neutrality, though, “there’s no escaping basic economics.


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