Tech at Night: Oracle wins Java infringement suit against Google, ACTA fails in the EU, CISPA opponents silent on Lieberman-Collins UNEXPECTEDLY!

Tech at Night

Well, here we are. The reason CISPA was getting all the attention was allegedly that it was coming to a vote first. Well, now Lieberman-Collins is next to a vote, as Democrats scramble to find a way to make cloture. Where’s the outrage? I’ll tell you where it is: non-existent, because CISPA opposition was solely designed to give cover for Lieberman-Collins.


We do need the private sector to have more information, though. Internet attacks aren’t going away.

Wireless data and innovation are threats and great drivers of competition. We need less regulation if we want competition. Smaller government. Telecommuncations Act, not Obama FCC.

And so naturally we have Al Franken wanting Comcast to be targeted and the Germans wanting Verizon to be targeted. They just don’t get liberty.

That’s why the radicals passed Net Neutrality, whose insanity is so well summed up like so: “Meaning the hospital downloading a dying patient’s MRI gets no more broadband speed than the guy next door downloading the panda sneezes video on YouTube.”

The EU seems likely to block ACTA, in a victory for copyright infringers abroad.

Speaking of infringers, Android was built on copyright infringement in the form of Google stomping all over Oracle’s Java copyrights. Yes, Android’s VM is the issue here. That’s why Oracle wants a billion dollars. This is a big deal.


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