Tech at Night: CISPA opponents are vague, FCC overreach is constant

Tech at Night

CISPA’s proponents bent over backward to respond to reasonable complaints, but the extremists are still complaining. Anonymous and Mozilla (much of which is foreign, no?) are whining, but nobody ever points to any specific, offending verbiage of the bill. Am I the only one who reads tech bills before complaining about them?


Even Democrats are having to start acknowledging Republican expertise in tech leadership, though. Darrell Issa is the leader of quite a gang in DC.

FCC on the other hand…

FCC is still going to totally nuts. We’re now regulating channel numbers. Seriously. This is out of control.

We’re also arbitrarily delaying decisions because we’re not meeting our own deadlines, allegedly over a minor complaint that has been addressed. But no, there must be complaints and delays anyway. The rules must move to suit the extremists.

Extremists who now wish to silence critics of the administration ahead of the election. Funny, that.

A more interesting question the FCC is tackling: Should police be able to jam cellular phone signals in riot situations?


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