Tech at Night: CISPA is harmless, Megaupload fights in court, Verizon gets sued over DSL speeds

Tech at Night

Good evening. I’m considering shifting Tech at Night to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. But I might not. I’ll have to think about it.

So, more CISPA. The comparison with SOPA is absurd. I put out a challenge for anyone to refute the claim first by the Republicans and now by Facebook that there are no new mandates in CISPA. No takers so far. That’s because CISPA is not SOPA.


In fact I’m disappointed that CISPA backed down on copyright infringement, as that was the real reason for the CISPA objections. Anti-copyright radicals were angry about property rights.

Speaking of the radicals, the Megaupload fans continue to weep that their lawless plans have been thwarted. Meanwhile, one of MegaUpload’s lawyers has a potential conflict, and the data stored may be lost. Oh no, so many script kiddie rootkits at risk!

Woman sues Verizon because she was talked into buying DSL at a speed beyond Verizon could deliver to her. She probably should win, since Verizon is usually capable of checking these things, as I understand it.

Free Press hypocrisy on PBS. Not only are the George Soros-type radicals at war with private mass media, but now they want to apply heavy-handed censorship to state-sponsored mass media. Funny how that works.

The best argument against Amazon taxes, the state attempts to get around the constitutional ban on states taxing interstate commerce, is that taxes aren’t what is killing failing retailers.


I’m seeing some people say that Apple may win against DoJ on the book pricing/Amazon dispute, which is interesting to me. Was Apple not the problem after all? Was it just the publishers?

It’s old news but yes, FCC was wrong on AT&T/T-Mobile.

PATENT WARS: Apple loses in Germany over iCloud and MobileMe, over Motorola patent claims.


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