Tech at Night: Chuck Grassley holding firm on FCC oversight

Tech at Night

Apologies, but I’m going to be a bit brief tonight. I have a lot going on this week, and starting Tech at Night at midnight my time just isn’t good. Sorry!


Chuck Grassley’s continuing the fight against the runaway FCC, leaving open the option of continuing after initial investigations. Good on him. Don’t foreclose options needlessly.

But even as Republicans attempt to keep government from being a problem, the administration is trying to keep pesky job creation from popping up. Merger review has become a monster. So have the ever-multiplying facets of spectrum review.

The more the administration does, the more we need Congressional oversight.

Irony watch: FTC to protect helpless Microsoft from evil antitrust violations.

Irony watch II: Sprint may admit its CEO is the source of its failure to compete, since they can’t blame AT&T anymore.

Speaking of AT&T, remember that customer who sued in small claims court over the unlimited data changes, and won? The Death Star appears concerned and is trying to make a deal.


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