Tech at Night: Cybersecurity battle sends McCain to find Republican help, LightSquared fights, Obama regulators are dangerous!

Tech at Night

The big stories this week continue to be LightSquared and cybersecurity. Even as House Democrats complain about government doing too much, incredibly, we see that Senate Democrats are so inflexible that John McCain is in a gang of Republicans to fight the Democrats on the cybersecurity bill. Consider that. That’s how extreme Harry Reid, Joe Lieberman, Jay Rockefeller, and Susan Collins are on this. John McCain is putting together a team to make a Republican bill with Kay Bailey Hutchison and others, rather than sign on with a Democrat on a bill. Danger, Will Robinson! Harry Reid is that much of an extremist!


Reid is rushing to pass it, but details come out anyway, such as an attack on FOIA. Transparency! Not.

Speaking of transparency, the firm that the Barack Obama FCC has remained oddly silent on, and that insists the FCC should remain silent on, is ready to go on the offensive. It almost seems like LightSquared bet the company on this, and will go down swinging. They may end up making a spectrum trade though, which if workable would be interesting.

There is good news, though. The tax deal has essentially forced the President to go along with some FCC spectrum reform. With current technology, spectrum is a finite resource that we must manage for the greater good. That means getting into the hands of the people who can use it the best, and we can decide that with market forces. Spectrum auctions create jobs though, as we’ve seen with LightSquared, Some spectrum needs to be held aside for national security, civil defense, and first responders.

PATENT WARS. Well, Patent and Trademark wars. China steals iPads in its fascist bias against the foreign Apple claim. Turns out though that Amazon’s recent actions in China were not anti-Apple and were unrelated to the trademark battle.


Apple is on the winning side in another country, though. Apple is winning over Motorola Mobility (the firm being acquired by Google, so soon this will be a direct Apple-Google war) over Motorola’s apparent infringement of a slide-to-unlock patent. I believe Google will solve this by using another gesture for unlocking a phone.

Oh yes, and another Google/Apple thing to pas the popcorn on: Google tries to track you even when your iPhone tries to stop it. Google is almost certainly lying through its teeth when it claims that it’s not tracking anything at all. That’s what Google does, it’s their core product: the synthesis of information to sell targeted advertising. That’s why they made the huge stink about unifying your accounts across sites and unifying the privacy rules for them.

But this an industry matter. The inflated egos on Capitol Hill need to take Will Riker’s advice to the fake Jean-Luc Picard: “Shut up. Close your mouth and stop talking.” Nobody wants to hear them talking to hear themselves talk, and nobody needs any legislation.

Mary Bono Mack: You’re still my representative. I so badly wish you’d find something productive to do. We don’t need a privacy nanny. We really don’t. Government regulation is harder to avoid and more dangerous than anything Google is doing. Google is optional. You people aren’t.


The fact is people want to sell their privacy. It’s just not that valuable to them. Firms off the Internet have worked that angle for years. And guess what? When people can buy a little of your privacy, they can sell you stuff cheap, or even free. You have a choice. Use it, or not. Leave government out of it.

The Anontards keep hitting webpages. Anonymous is even a failure at life than the Occupations. These social outcasts, jerks and losers who tell themselves they have Asperger’s Syndrome so that they don’t risk killing themselves for being just total wastes of human flesh, they are unbathed, semi-literate, lazy fools who can’t have a conversation and barely even try. And they deface webpages! Inconveniencing innocent third parties, costing the taxpayers (including their parents, I’m sure) without actually accomplishing anything. Joy!

Again, Add the SEC to the list of runaway regulators being cheered by George Soros-funded front groups like Free Press. We have to beat Obama. I’m sorry, but you’re blind if you can’t see that there’s a striking, huge, wide gap between this radical socialist and any Republican. That’s right. Any Republican. Yes, including the one you don’t like. I don’t care. Read, study, and watch this. The EPA, the FCC, the FTC, the SEC, they’re all packed with radicals who believe themselves above the law. Next they’re coming after school lunches. Just watch. This administration is dangerously out of control.



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